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    Understanding a history of criminological theories

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    How does understanding the history of criminological theories and contemporary criminal justice systems prepare us for Twenty-First Century crime challenges? Will this knowledge prepare us to deal with such crimes as transnational terrorism, international human and drug trafficking, and global economic crimes?

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    Criminological theories are not limited to a particular idea or subject of study alone. They have very comprehensive claims and can be applied to a variety of subjects/themes. It can be said that by providing structure, the components of a study are connected and, by focusing on a particular topic, it can help one to select an approach. However, especially in criminology, integrated theories (i.e. combining theories and implementing biopsychosocial models) are best suited to assist us in preparing for twenty-first crime challenges. Stephens (2013) reports, "deliberation and due process considered necessary to ensure ...

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    This solution, comprising of over 300 words, helps students understand the meaning behind criminological theories and how they will help us understand global criminal crises.