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Compared Models of the Criminal Justice System

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Compare and contrast Packer's models of the criminal justice system with Feeley's models of the criminal justice system approach. What are the details of each type of their systems? How does each one work towards the common goal of combining all components of criminal justice into a working system for the public?

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In comparing and contrasting the two models of criminal justice, you will examine the similarities and the differences of their approaches.

I will be able to provide you with some guiding points from each of the models and some resources:

Packer's Models
Crime Control Model
-the authority of the criminal justice system is derived from the laws passed by legislatures
-likened to an "assembly-line conveyor belt" along which criminal prosecution moves in a perfunctory fashion, from the initial police investigation to prosecution and sentencing with victim involvement limited to the initial fact-finding phase and possibly used as a witness during the trial
-Outcomes: seeks efficiency, thus equating to the quickest and most cost-effective disposition of the case, and the highest possible number of guilty verdicts
-sees the regulation of criminal conduct as the most important function of the judicial system

Due Process Model
-authority is derived from the Supreme Court
-likened to an "obstacle course" with barriers erected by defense attorneys who argue that a guilty verdict cannot be rendered by the
judge if the constitutional rights of the defendant are violated
-Outcomes: seeks to achieve outcomes that ensure that the individual defendant is treated with fairness and equality in a system in which quality of justice is ...

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This solution will assist the student in comparing and contrasting Packer's models of the criminal justice system with Feeley's models of the criminal justice system approach. The solution will also assist the student in determining the details of each type of system and how each system contributes to a working system for the public.

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