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    Criminal Justice Various Models

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    1.) What are the various models of the criminal justice process?
    2.) Why are these models important to the criminal justice process?

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    1.) The various models of the criminal justice process include the crime control model, the due process model, the punitive model of victims' rights, and the victim participation model.

    Herbert Packer's 1964 due process model pertains to maximizing the number of criminals stopped and brought to justice (Pelovangu, 2010). In order to achieve this, the model requires that primary attention be paid to the efficiency with which the criminal process operates in screening prospects, determining guilt, and securing appropriate dispositions of persons convicted of crime (Pelovangu, 2010). The value system underlying the crime control model is based on the proposition that the repression of criminal conduct is the most important function to be performed by the criminal process. The failure of law enforcement to bring criminal conduct under control is seen as the primary reason leading to the breakdown public order and a general disregard for legal control (Pelovangu, 2010). Under the crime control model, the authority of the criminal justice system is derived from the laws passed under legislatures. In ...

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    The various models of the criminal justice processes are determined. Why these models are important to the criminal justice process is determined.