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Topics in Criminal Justice for Research

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Choose three topics (problems) of your personal interest related to criminal justice. Each topic should include a specific research question.

A sample posting might read, "The practice of police profiling of minority motorists is a problem area within criminal justice because it calls into question the principle of equal justice under the law. My research will analyze U.S. census data for the city of Anytown, studying the question, how do the race, age, gender, and years of an officer's experience influence his or her perception of a motorist's behavior and the motorist's perception of his or her interaction with the police? I will also use a convenience survey to test perceptions of motorists and traffic enforcement officers in Anytown regarding racial profiling."

- Describe each topic.
- Explain the intended approach toward each research question for each topic.
- Describe the ways in which you will approach the topics and choose one of these topics as the focus of your study for this course.

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The solution below should get you started. In this particular task, you are asking for help in putting together 3 possible research topics in criminal justice. If these are to be the basis of a future research paper, I suggest making the subjects accessible and easy to research. I suggest using this outline:

1. Topic 1 & approach - 100 words
2. Topic 2 & approach - 100 words
3. Topic 3 & approach - 100 words

Topics in Criminal Justice

Topic 1 - I have always been interested in the application of social control theory at a mezzo level. As a topic, I would like to study juvenile delinquency in a particular town so as to see if elements of the theory apply or if it can provide a comprehensive exploration of the occurrence of juvenile delinquency, especially the formation/construction of behaviors among the youth that lead to crime and criminality. As such, I would explore this topic with a title like so - "A mezzo study of juvenile delinquency behaviors at a mezzo level, with a particular focus on my hometown, using social theory."

• Approach - Since this is a mezzo construct, the focus will be on social relations and ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise for identifying topics for research in criminal justice. The suggestions focus on the area of juvenile justice. Resources are listed for further exploration of the suggested topics.

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