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    Cyber Crime and Psychology

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    Topic Selection Explanation Tips (CYBER CRIME)

    For this course, you'll be writing one final paper to highlight the multiplicity of information that you have learned while at Grantham. As part of your degree plan, you were asked to concentrate in several areas. When writing your paper, your paper must combine two disciplines. These disciplines may be in courses that you have taken as an elective or actual concentrations you've completed. Unless you have a compelling argument for the professor, your disciplines must come from the following list:
    •Computer Science
    •Criminal Justice

    In developing the consideration of your topic, first of all, think of something you are passionate about. Is it sports? Is it the criminal mind? Is it education? Whatever is passionate for you is what you should be writing your paper about. The second task you have is to take the topic you want to write about - and find two different disciplines to interweave it through to make a fantastic paper.

    For instance, if I am a psychology professor, I am interested in relationships; specifically - why do people get divorced? When considering this paper, I might want to interweave Science and Psychology - and write a paper about "The effects of divorce on the mind and body." Let's say I am interested in this divorce topic, but government is something I am very interested in as well. I might change my topic to "The ramifications of divorce within the legal system and Government's inability to address the problem." (Long titles are fine!)

    Needless to say - the critical thinking aspect of this course begins with this assignment. You are tasked with not only coming up with a topic, but being able to creatively intertwine it through your paper all semester long.

    Extended Directions: In the week two discussion, you are to come up with three different topic ideas. It could be like I did above, where you take divorce and interweave it through different disciplines (Psychology and Science, Psychology and Government, Psychology and Criminal Justice (as a third?)). It could be three completely unrelated topics. As part of the assignment, you are to:
    •List the two disciplines you are intertwining (Discipline 1: XXXXXX, Discipline 2: XXXXXX)

    •Give the title for the topic of the paper

    •Write about 100 words detailing what you would accomplish in this paper

    Although I will ultimately let you choose the paper topic you want, I will give you my opinions while understanding the different research that you are able to find. Your paper topic must be from approved disciplines and should be able to be exclusively researched using peer reviewed literature. If the primary research will come from the web, it will not be allowed.

    In our discussion, you will also post your topics; you will then be asked to comment on at least two other students' topics, giving your opinion about which of their topics you find the most compelling and think would be best for them to do. Through this process, you should receive valuable feedback from other students that will help you to select and better define your topic.
    Can I have this done by Monday May 9, 2016
    References needed
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    •Give the title for the topic of the paper
    •Write about 100 words detailing what you would accomplish in this paper

    Psychology and criminal justice are intertwined together as the criminal justice field of research emanates from the desire to understand how criminals think and why they commit the crimes that they commit. Serial killers represent some of the most sought after cases of psychology researchers as they are excellent case studies into the psychological mind frame of ...

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