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Cyber forensics and Behaviour Profiling

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Can you please help me get started with answering the following questions:

1. What is cyber forensics user behaviour profiling?

2. What is the purpose of performing user behaviour profiling and how it can help solve crimes?

3. What is the key differences between user behaviour profiling used in physical crime scenes vs cyber crime scenes?

4. Provide some examples of user behaviour profiling techniques, in the area of cyber forensics, e.g. inductive and deductive models, etc. How is it carry out?

5. Discuss on the current challenges faced using user behaviour profiling, and the legal implications.

6. Discuss on the future of user behaviour profiling in cyber crime scenes.

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Cyber forensics and behavior profiling is examined.

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Kindly find attached tutorial having some ideas, references and content related to Cyber forensics user behaviour profiling. This response should be useful for you to develop better understanding with regard to the given topics. Kindly use this work for your reference only and please do not use this content in your assignment or homework.

1. Cyber Forensics User Behaviour Profiling
- Cyber Forensics is an evolving field inquiring computer crime. It aids detectives in an analysis of usually large amounts of data such as automating unimportant processing activities. In addition to this, cyber forensic software is usually designed to carry out leads identified in data. Suggestions in this concern can be generated mechanically with the help of information identified in the data, usually headed by background information provided by investigators, like their own knowledge and anticipations regarding the content of the data (Britz, n.d.). Short listing suspicious activities in this way, on the basis of evidence can be investigated more in detail (Singh, Tomar & Roy, 2010).
- With increasing cyber crimes, different techniques are employed in computer and cyber forensic investigations and among all that one significant technique is "User behaviour Profiling". It is a useful technique used in cyber forensic to describe user behaviour and develop profiles (Britz, n.d.). Information identified through the data collected user behaviour profiling helps investigators in establishing a view of daily usage pattern, which in turn can be evaluated for examine any unusual happenings.
- Use of this technique is increasing day by day as it direct investigators towards behaviour profiling of users that is used for identifying unwanted crimes and control them. Behaviour profiling is usually done on the basis of some events and criteria that help in classifying users in accordance to their behaviour (Singh, Tomar & Roy, 2010).

2. Purpose of Performing User Behaviour Profiling

- The concept of User Behavioural Profiling (also identified as "targeting") comprises of accumulating and examining a number of events related to users, each imputable to a single original unit, with an aim to collect information regarding that original unit. In other words it pertains to changing data into knowledge (Deswarte, Cuppens & Jajodia, 2004). User behavioural profiling is done with a purpose of gathering data (recording, storing and tracking) and exploring it for distinguishing underlying reasons or patterns (with the assistance of data mining algorithms). The data collection level is known as Behavioural Tracking that in turn helps investigators in understanding the motives of users to perform cyber crime (Gilbert, 2009).
- Purpose of using user behavioural profiling ...

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