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    Cybercrimes for IT Professionals

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    You are a legal expert who has been asked by a corporation to speak on the advantages of the cyber-court network, cyber-management, and cyber-discovery techniques. Your audience will be IT professionals who do not know anything about legal matters. Prepare a one-page outline for a speech. List at least three important points you will make, the information, and the examples you will use to support them. Write an introduction and a conclusion for your speech.

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    Cybercrimes for IT Professionals

    With the increase in Internet technology and the proliferation of businesses using this technology it its everyday business transactions, such as electronic data sharing, cybercrime is becoming all too real and widespread. IT professionals must be proactive in protecting the security of their organization's electronic infrastructure.

    Cybercrimes - on the rise
    1) Data fraud
    2) Identify theft
    o Bank accounts
    o Social security numbers
    o Credit ...

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