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    Cybercrimes Terminology

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    Create a PowerPoint presentation of 10- to 12-slides that first defines some of the common terminology related to cybercrimes, and also outline the role of the investigator at the scene of a cybercrime. Make sure you distinguish if the investigator is also going to be responsible for the collection of digital evidence or not. You do not need to get into the digital forensics, but defining the role is necessary to complete the assignment. i just need some of the information and i can do the power point myself.

    Ensure your presentation covers the following points:

    Crime scene security (similarities and differences needed for a cybercrime scene).
    Crime scene documentation (photographs, sketches, room labeling, etc).
    Basic do's and don'ts that can be used universally when collecting digital evidence (shut down or not, should you pull the plug, dump the RAM, open files or folders, etc).
    Evaluate and determine if you are taking the hardware or conducting on-site imaging, and why you made your choice.
    Make sure terminology related to the potential evidence in cybercrimes, and how it can be helpful to the investigation is identified, as well as the definitions of the crimes. For example, IP addresses user names and passwords, log files, network information, port information, etc.
    Add additional content in the Notes section of the presentation.

    Support your responses with examples.

    Cite any sources in APA format.

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    Some of the terms that are commonly used for cybercrime terminology are bots or botnet, denial of service attack (DOS), malware, phishing, and spyware. I will elucidate upon these terms in the following paragraph. In reference to a bot, this represents an extensive attack against a computer wherein the use of malware software is utilized to attack the computer system or network on a coordinated level with the intent being to disable or destroy the computer system and render it unable to perform.

    A DOS is an attack that overwhelms the system and causes it to crash, which renders the computer inaccessible. In reference to malware, this represents malicious software that is used to place viruses, trojans, worms, and other detrimental impacts on the computer that can cause it to crash and fail to perform or expose the person to attacks. In reference to phishing, this represents the use of emails that maliciously attempt to gather sensitive information on the person's computer, and sometimes spyware is used to gather this information while attached to the emails that are used for phishing on the person's computer. ...

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    Cybercrimes terminology is examined. The digital forensic is examined.