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Cybercrime: Implications for Law Enforcement

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The criminal justice system encompasses three main divisions: Police, courts, and corrections. All three divisions are affected by the increase in people committing cybercrimes and the prosecution and sentencing of cyber criminals.

Discuss one way in which cybercrimes have affected law enforcement. What changes have state and federal law enforcement agencies had to make to deal with cybercrimes?
Discuss one problem or issue that criminal courts and court personnel face in cybercrime cases. How can these problems or issues be tackled?
Search the Internet and find out about various research anonymizers which have on one hand brought technological advancement but on the other hand impeded law enforcement in relation to cybercrimes. Discuss at least one of them in detail and how they have affected the enforcement of law. Is it possible to hide your information when surfing the web or sending e-mails? If so, how?
You are involved in a debate to determine whether the online criminals are same "street" criminals or are they new criminals. Choose a crime that is committed offline and online. Such crimes would include stalking, identity theft, fraud, child pornography, and harassment.

Discuss whether the selected crime is same offline as it is online, or is it different.
How is the crime same or different offline and online?

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One way in which cybercrimes have affected law enforcement is that each agency including the local police is compelled to have a department or a team of officers who are specialized in tackling computer based crime. At the Federal level at the FBI headquarters, there is a Cyber Division. In addition, at each FBI headquarters there is specially trained cyber squad, New Cyber Action Team, and Computer Crimes Task Forces. The federal law agencies now have to create a close partnership with the Department of Defense, and the Department of Homeland Security to tackle cyber crime. One important way in which cybercrime has affected law enforcement is personnel development. The law enforcement is required to identify talented personnel, provide them with cybercrime training, and use social media for investigation of cybercrime.

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One problem that criminal courts and court personnel have to face in cybercrime cases is the issue of ...

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