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Cybercrime & its Impact on Society

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Resource: Ch. 9 in Effective Communication for Criminal Justice Professionals

Grubb, R. E. Jr., & Hemby, K. V.. (2003). Effective communication for criminal justice
professionals. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Group.

Focus on one form of Cybercrime described in Ch. 9, and discuss the
Impact on society
Legal implications for criminal justice professionals
Challenges for criminal justice professionals

Please see attachment - Chapter 9.

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Cybercrime: Impact on Society

Since the advent of the internet, it has been dynamically democratized and is undeniably one of the major drivers of globalization. Communications has now gone digital and 'the web' can now be accessed on mobile phones whose capacity are far more advanced than the basic computers of the late 90's. Technology in the hands of the masses encourage the criminal minded to 'cybercrime' - identity theft, copyright theft, cyber-stalking, spamming, phishing, child pornography and the more malicious - hacking & cracking through malicious codes, denial of service attacks among others. Hacking & Viral attacks over public networks cost infrastructures millions regularly, so does copyright theft while identity theft & fraud (like the Nigerian 419) attacks gullible individuals. While money & control are usual persuasions behind a cybercrime, a number of hackers & individuals do it just because they could. Some cybercrime proliferate because the technology is unprecedented, like p2p file ...

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The solution discusses & defines cybercrime, its impact on society, measures that the criminal justice system is practicing and putting together for its prevention as well as the challenge CyberCrime has become to law eforcement professionals. Concise & easy to comprehend, this solution covers the basic discussion on the topic but is easily expandable as it is written in APA format - references are provided for further study.

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