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    Cybercriminal Profile

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    Profile at least two high profile cyber criminals over the last 10 years. Identify the crimes they committed, their age, gender, ethnicity, location, education, religion and modus operandi. Determine where they got their "education" in cybercrime.

    Discuss whether there is a typical profile of a cyber-criminal and if the criminals you have chosen fit the typical profile or are outside of the same.

    Are there criminal groups or criminals (organized crime, gangs, foreign or domestic terrorist groups, etc.) engaging in cybercrime to fund their organizations?

    What are the most common cybercrimes committed by these groups and why do they choose those particular crime(s), and are they choosing cybercrime over physical violence?

    Provide your answers in 2-3 page Microsoft Word document.

    Support your responses with examples.

    Cite any sources in APA format.

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    Step 1
    One cybercriminal over the past ten years is Evgeniy Bogachev. He created the Zeus Banking Trojan which enabled a theft of $100 million. He also transferred money illegally to foreign banks through illegal wire transfers. He is said to be a part of a gang that infects tens of millions of computers, obtained large volumes of sensitive financial information, and sold the systems to other hackers, spammers, and online extortionists.
    Second cybercriminal is Nicole Popescu, this is a 34-year old Romanian who cheated online customers with fake auction posts online including cars.com and Autotrader.com. He stole $3 million.

    Step 2
    There is a typical profile of a cyber-criminal. They are highly educated, intelligent, talented, clever, and sophisticated. They are computer geeks and commit illegal activities online and are popularly known as hackers (a). Both the cyber criminals selected by me namely Evgeniy Bogachev ...

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