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    Privacy: Informaiton Technology

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    - In your opinion, what are the most salient intellectual property issues raised by the use of IT? Explain.
    - Describe an experience or two you have had with ethical issues raised by IT use. How did you handle these issues or make decisions regarding them?
    - In your opinion, what steps can or should organizations take to protect client or company information? Explain.

    - Select three technology tools.
    - For each, explain how use of this tool has contributed to cyber crimes, focusing on how the crimes are committed and what related protection strategies exist.
    - For each, explain how use of this tool can lead to a violation of privacy and what may be done to protect against that.

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    The most salient intellectual property issues raised by the use of IT are the violations of trade secrets, the misuse of copyrighted material, and imitations of patented products. IT has made it possible for foreign companies to illegally get information about patented products. There are insiders who simply send confidential information through the internet and the products are counterfeited abroad. Information technology makes it easy to sell trade secrets. The counterfeited products often have the trademarks (also copied from the internet) of the original company. Copyrighted material is illegally copied, distributed, and used without acknowledgement or payment to the authors.

    An experience that I had with an ethical issue was during the designing of a new toy. One designer suggested that the designer of a competitor's product be used as a basis of the new toy. He had retrieved the design from the internet. It was unethical. I ...

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