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    Exit interview: confidentiality vs value of informaiton

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    Consider a circumstance where your organization is doing exit interviews and has promised confidentiality to all who respond. You are responsible for conducting the exit interviews. Your supervisor has asked you to give her the name of each respondent so she can assess the information in conjunction with the person's supervisor. Respond to the following:

    Analyze the obligation that corporate HR employees have to keep information confidential in such circumstances.

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    First, it is important to recognize the value in exit interviews. The type of information that can be obtained will assist a company in upgrading, streamlining, or changing procedures for a more cost effective and efficiently operated company. Examples of information may include:

    1. Candid feedback with no threat of reprisal
    2. Insight into positions or people in those positions
    3. Disclosures of corporate culture including dysfunctions ...

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    In a 258 word cited solution, the response discusses the type of information that can be obtained in exit interviews and then assesses the privacy and possible legal issues.