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    Technology and Legal Issues

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    Discuss two legal issues that have been difficult to deal with as technology has changes. example could include intellectual property, contract form or others you can think of.

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    In your posting, you want to discuss two legal issues that have been difficult to deal with as technology changes. I suggest the following outline:
    1. Security and privacy
    2. Copyright laws
    3. Analysis
    4. Links and references

    Suggested discussion:

    Security and privacy:

    The Parliament House of Victoria (2014) noted that the use of computer technology in legal procedures necessarily gives rise to issues relating to the security and privacy of electronically transmitted and stored information.

    This gives rise to the concern that of the unauthorized use and disclosure "such as business, family or medical details".
    This concern is real in the light of the new threat to data security and privacy.

    Finkle and ...

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    This is a brief discussion on technology and legal issues. It mentions legal issues such as security and privacy, and copyright. 418 words with references.