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Privacy Issues with RFID

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Privacy issues about RFID have received extensive attention. Discuss how to protect privacy in electronical society.

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How to protect privacy in electronic society is discussed.

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Privacy rules should apply to most RFID applications and additional safeguards will be necessary given RFID's unique tracking capabilities.

* RFID tags contained on, or in, the pharmaceutical containers should be physically removed or permanently disabled before being sold to consumers.

* It is recomended to adopt a "Four Tier Approach to RFID Policy."[1]

* In relation to the bulk distribution of products, it is recommended that no personally identifiable information (PII) be collected, and that no linking be made, to specific individuals. As far as product distribution to patients is
concerned, it is recommended to maintain the privacy risks proportional to the collection of PII, as well as applying privacy rules such as RFID guidelines.[2] In terms of temporary identification of patients, we recommend applying the current privacy rules with an emphasis on preventing significant security breaches (see below on Chip Implants).

Individual tracking and profiling through a chip injected under a patient's skin, poses obvious threats to privacy and civil
liberties [3].

By agreeing to have chip implanted, individuals would lose the ability to control the disclosure of personal information. Thus, the use of RFID technology in tagging patients may involve unwanted surveillance, threatening patients' privacy and dignity. The danger of living with "chips-with-everything" including oneself, is that surveillance is becoming automated on an unprecedented scale. ...

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