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    Research on Cyber-Crime

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    Research Proposal
    Topic Selection
    Please post the topic you plan to explore. Include why you selected it and how it impacts your profession.
    Your submission should be at least 250 words

    Using the checklist provided on pages 47 and 48 of the text, please prepare and post a document explaining your proposed research project. Answer questions 1-4 on the checklist, and explain your choices.

    "CYBER CRIME" (that is the topic)
    Evaluating Your Proposed Research Project
    1. Have you read enough literature relevant to your topic to know that your research project is worth your time and effort?
    • Will the project advance the frontiers of knowledge in an important way?
    • Have you asked an expert in your field to advise you on the value of your research effort?
    2. Have you looked at your research problem from all angles to minimize unwanted surprises?
    • What is good about your potential project?
    • What are the potential pitfalls of attempting this research effort?
    3. What research procedure will you follow
    • Do you have a tentative plan to review the literature?
    • Do you have a tentative plan for data collection?
    • Do you have a tentative plan for data analysis?
    4. What research tools are available for you to use? Make a list and check their availability. Determine how you will use them.

    2 References needed
    Can I have this done by Monday May 9, 2016 if that is possible. Thank you

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    Step 1
    I have read enough literature to know how important "cyber-crime" is. The problem of cyber-crime can lead to financial losses, theft of intellectual property, and loss of consumer confidence and trust. The overall monetary effect of cyber-crime is estimated to be billions of dollars. Specifically, the cyber-crimes of identity theft, security costs in business, piracy impact on entertainment/music/software industries, and monetary losses to people has a very high cost on society (a).
    My study will advance the frontiers of knowledge in this emerging area of research.
    I have asked an expert about ...

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