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Hi I am looking for assistance on the topic of "The Deep Web" - 10 years ago the government built a totally private, and anonymous network. My instructions state when explaining Deep Web use examples that relate to the terms Cybercrimes. Terms: cyber bullying, identity theft, calling card fraud, hackers, digital child pornography, online harassment, and cyber stalking.

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The origins of the deep web emanate from the United States Naval research laboratory that sought to build an anonymous place on the World Wide Web (www.) that enabled intelligence agents, law enforcement, political dissidents in foreign countries and other areas of the United States' apparatus to operate in total obscurity and secrecy. The Deep Web is actually still funded by the U.S. state department while the FBI and NSA attempt to crack the most secretive technology that was created Tor. Tor is the search engine that enables users to remain totally anonymous while also giving them access to sites such as Silk Road, which is the greatest example of cybercrime.

Tor is the search engine that enables sites such as Silk Road, a criminal virtual market where anything can be anonymously bought and sold from child pornography to murder. Tor allows users to not only remain anonymous while on the site, but also provides the necessary access to the site as it would otherwise be invisible without Tor as a search engine, which was created by the ...

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This solution explores the topic of the deep web with over 700 words, touching on the terms of cyber bullying, identity theft, calling card fraud, hackers, digital child pornography, online harassment and cyber stalking. Real-life examples are used such as bitcoins. References used are included.

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