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    Scavenger hunt and miscellaneous issues

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    Scavenger hunt questions are below. Provide:

    â?¢The answer to the question.
    â?¢The source of the information.
    â?¢An assessment of the quality of the information you found.
    â?¢Was it accurate?
    â?¢Was it comprehensive?
    â?¢Was it from a credible source?

    â?¢ How big is the "deep" or "invisible web"?
    â?¢ What is the number of ethnic Hispanics in Idaho?
    â?¢ You have some experience with the library's databases. Databases can be found in every company. Name one powerful database that moved from use by the FBI to the business community.
    Internet versus Library
    â?¢ China's food retail industry: In 2010, how did its growth compare to other countries such as Japan and India? (Hint: Select a source that not only reports but discloses how they came up with their numbers.)
    â?¢ Who provides IBM's current legal counsel?
    â?¢ What is satisfiscing and how does it relate to your scavenger hunt research process? How does it relate to your research process when you search for bargains online under $25?
    University Library
    â?¢ If the demand for oil increases dramatically in the United States, which stock or stocks would you buy to take advantage?
    â?¢ Say you needed to hire an authority in supply chain research. Find one researcher with more than 20 publications. Find another who published since January 2010.
    Who wrote the article "The Importance of Philos in Organizations" and what is that article about?
    â?¢ Who won two Nobel prizes in different subjects and whose spouse, daughter, and son-in-law also won Nobel prizes?
    â?¢ Compare the profit margins of the grocery business and the software industry.

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    1. How big is the "deep" or "invisible web"?

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