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Customizing your Work Environment

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Scavenger Hunt

You have learned a great deal of important information about the Windows operating system so far. However, we have not even scratched the surface of the capabilities of Windows XP. This scavenger hunt is designed to let you explore many of the features of Windows XP and discover many of the other tools which have not yet been covered.

From the clues below, try to discover the program, technique, or option that is being referred to. When you think you have found it, take a screen print of it and paste it into a Word document file (press PrintScrn on your keyboard, open up Word or WordPad, and select File>Paste). Be sure to explain what you did above or below the screen print. If you have trouble finding the answers to some of these, try the Help feature in the Start menu.

Choose at least 5 of the following:

1. Harriet is hard of hearing, so she needs to be alerted when her computer makes a sound. What can she do?

2. Marty's Mom and Dad never perform maintenance on their computer; therefore, it tends to run slowly. Marty decides to schedule an event that will automatically clean up their files on a regular basis. What did Marty do?

3. Carolyn bought her daughters a computer for their room and wanted to create a Barbie theme on their desktop as a surprise. She has access to Barbie graphics from one of the girl's Barbie CD ROMs. What can she do to make the desktop and icons look more Barbie-focused? Here's one hint: change the desktop background to a pink color. Please include at least 3 ideas. (Screen print does not have to include Barbie graphics.)

4. As Lois was working on her computer, she was alerted that she was running out of space on her hard drive. How can she find out how much space she actually has available?

5. Stephen has no short-term memory and cannot remember the name of a file that he just created 2 minutes ago. What can he do in My Computer to let him know on which files he most recently worked?

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This solution of 1777 words looks at five different scenarios of how the work environment can be customized to accommodate with people with special needs. Specific programs are discussed with steps and screenshots on how to use them on Windows XP.

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