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    Research how to secure a domain name and find the web host

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    Juan reached the end of his online course program. His family was so proud of him. Juan's wife wanted to throw a party to celebrate Juan's online graduation together with all of his family, and began planning the special event.
    As for invitations, Juan suggested that she hold off on that. "I have a couple ideas on my own," he said. "Something to make a really big splash!"

    Juan registered for his own domain name, www.juangraduatesfromcollege.com. Once in possession of the domain, Juan approached a local Internet service provider (ISP) to host the domain for 12 months. Working late nights and weekends, Juan developed his own website and published his story on what it was like to attend an online college. Juan thanked his friends and family on the website. He used cascading style sheets (CSSs) so that it was easy to use and update. And when he was ready to invite everyone, he sent out an e-mail message with a link to his website describing the date and time of the party.

    When the time for the party came, everybody was astounded that Juan created and deployed his own website. "That is just the kind of skill set we wanted," Sarah Whitecastle said while attending the party. "Juan, we need this kind of understanding so we can move forward in our business model. I can already tell that this was a great program for you but will also benefit our firm substantially. Congratulations...and have you thought about a master's degree?"

    Juan just smiled and accepted the praise and attention of his family, promising his boss that he would think about it another day.


    Research how to secure a domain name and find a host for a website. Discuss website design basics; characteristics of well-designed websites; the structure of a website; and the Web accessibility issues.

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    How to Secure a Domain Name and Find a Host for a Web site

    Domain names can be transferred for many reasons. One is the lack of communication from the owner of the chosen domain name. Without any contact within a period of time the domain can be transferred to another client. Therefore, the owner of the domain should make himself or herself the point of contact. This will alleviate the lack of communication. The hosting site can also secure the domain name by locking the name of the domain. When a domain name is locked it cannot be transferred. The hosting and domain site may offer a lock as ...

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