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Russian Chess Master Kasparov vs. Deep Blue

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Considering the fact that Kasparov, a well-known Russian Chess Master, was able to defeat Deep Blue, a computer that was able to process 500,000 chess moves per second, how is it possible that a human being can rival the capabilities of most modern computers? Explain your answer.

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First, I would refer you to the very useful Wikipedia site about Kasparov. He did defeat Deep Blue in one competition, but was actually defeated in a match by Deep Blue a year or so later. Kasparov felt that in the second match, which he lost, that IBM was cheating by allowing humans to influence the decisions the computer made during the game.


Part of the reason Kasparov felt the computer was cheating in the second match was because he felt that the program was displaying "creativity", a trait he had not seen in his first encounter with Deep Blue in which he easily defeated the program. Creativity is something ...

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Analysis of Kasparov's competitions with Deep Blue and the aspects of human thinking that computers are unable to duplicate.