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    Security, network environment, Sarbanes-Oxley testing,

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    As a team we are suppose to do the paper on Operations Improvement Plan. Our subject is "IT is too slow in responding to the needs of the firm". I need help answer this following question: .Security, network environment, Sarbanes-Oxley testing,

    Recommendations to improve the chosen process:

    Please help me answer this questions, the answer should be about 700 to 800 words. Make sure that it is about the "IT is too slow in responding to the needs of the firm". If you need more details please let me know, because I can attach all the paper that we have done about this process.

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    "It is too slow in responding to the needs of the firm".
    STEP 1

    In light of the developments regarding Sarbanes-Oxley testing, IT allows direct access to data to several individuals that leads to material weaknesses. IT has not been satisfactorily been able to respond to this and several manual alternatives like manual checking of the system or manual testing needs to be done.
    In addition, the same act requires appropriate segregation of duties. It was expected that IT would help segregation of duties, however, IT has not been able to respond appropriately to this requirement.
    Both these matter relate to the security of the information systems and the fact that top consultants are now recommending manual checks and controls, it is important that IT companies should do basic research and develop automatic controls that meet the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

    STEP 2

    The most important needs of the firm today relate to the security of the network environments. In today's business where eCommerce business surpasses that of traditional business, weaknesses within networks has led to virus outbreaks and identity thefts.

    It is recommended that this weakness of IT needs to be countered by IT ...

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