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Cyber Technology for ICT Experts

What is the advantages of the following:
1. Cyber-court network
2. Cyber-management
3. Cyber-discovery techniques.

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Cyber-court Network

A major advantage of Cyber-court is the speedy dispensation of justice if all courts of law utilize the advances in information and communications technology.

Stanfield (1998) noted that a cyber-court or "technology court" may use technology in the following manner:
- A local area network (LAN) which allows a channel of communication between the PC's, the network servers and the Internet. The use of imaging, multimedia and video conferencing can also be accommodated.
- A Litigation Support System for Presentation (LSSP) which allows lawyers to convert paper documents into an electronic format and to incorporate these into multimedia presentations.
- A Computer Based Recording Transcription System (CBRT) to aid the recording and transcription of court proceedings and to reduce the time taken to produce transcripts of audio records of court proceedings.
- The Technology Court has a sophisticated audio visual system (AVS) which allows various types of audio and video information to be presented with ease.
- The Technology Court ...

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The solution discusses the advantages of Cyber-court network, Cyber-management, and Cyber-discovery techniques.