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    Protection from Cybersecurity Threats

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    There are many examples of failures in cyber-security including the Stuxnet computer virus interfering with the Iranian uranium enrichment process, Wall Street (NASDAQ), and identity theft from banks and on-line retailers and corporations.

    What are some of the measures that can be employed to protect our banking, defense and critical infrastructure from cyber-assault?

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    National Cyberspace Security Awareness and Training Program

    Many cyber vulnerabilities exist because of a lack of cyber security awareness on the part of computer users, system administrators, technology developers, procurement officials, auditors, chief information officers (CIOs), chief executive officers, and corporate boards. Such awareness-based vulnerabilities present serious risks serious risks to critical infrastructures regardless of whether the exist ...

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    This solution discusses issues surrounding protection from cyber-assault. The measures that can be employed to protect out banking, defense and critical infrastructure from cyber-assaults.