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    Information Computer Technology: Use in Manufacturing

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    Information computer technology has revolutionised the way we work, has brought about many changes the way we live.

    You are required to choose one particular sector and evaluate the impact that ICT has made. Discuss how the changes brought about by ICT have affected all relevant stakeholders. Consider both benefits these changes have brought as well as the problems they created.

    Choose one of the sectors from the list below.

     Retailing

    This will be approximately 1500 words. {7pages, font size 12}

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    Information Computer Technology: Use in Manufacturing


    Information Computer Technology (ICT) is the analysis of the development and implementation of computer based information systems including software applications and computer hardware. Today Information Computer Technology Systems are playing a vital role in the success of different fields of business. The internet and intranets and external inter-organizational networks called extranets can provide the information infrastructure that a business needs to make it more efficient and effective (National Research Council (U.S.), 1995).

    The various fields in which the Information Computer Technology has great use are retailing, manufacturing, banking, education, medicine, transport, office administration, civil services, logistics, etc. Out of all these fields, manufacturing is also an important business sector which has a great contribution of Information Computer Technology in its processing. Today, the Manufacturing Process in business has become very advanced due to the implementation of information technology.

    Changes in Manufacturing Sector

    In the Older time, the Manufacturing Process of the business was based on the production of the products on an assembly line. At that time, the main focus of the business organizations was to manufacture more and more products, in order to attain the economies of scale at very low costs. The relationship between the workers and manager of the business organizations were very limited. The workers were used to give the orders for manufacturing process by the Mangers continuously. The workers had to do the work full time or sometime they had to do overtime. At that time, the workers were not skilled according to the requirements of the Manufacturing Process and they had to perform the same repetitive task again and again, so there were no innovations in the Manufacturing Process of the business.

    Due to the impact and influence of Information Technology, the world of Manufacturing is having several turning points. The present business environment of the Manufacturing Organizations is based on the combination of the technological advancements and insights of strategic management. Today's world is considered as a new era of manufacturing by the IT experts. The main aim of the Manufacturing Business is to produce tangible objects with high quality and which can become cost competitive in the market, can fulfil the needs of the customers on the required level and which can be delivered in the required time. All the Manufacturing Business has to face several challenges in present business environment including product quality, cost, functioning, time, etc.

    The Manufacturing environment of the business is changing rapidly after Industrial Revolution. Due to this changing business environment, the Business Managers and Internal Stakeholders of the Manufacturing Companies are aiming to shorten the time period between the order and delivery of products. They want to change the conceptualization of the products and maintain product customization at a great level. For attaining all these goals and objectives, the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1804 Words, APA References