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Inmate training programs

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Consider the following scenario:

Smitty Correctional Facility (SCF) is thinking of creating a job training program for its clients—prison inmates.

SCF has established a goal statement that reads as follows:

"SCF is committed to equipping inmates to lead healthy, pro-social lives upon reentry into the general population."

One objective, among many, is to provide inmates with marketable job skills to increase their chances of landing a job upon release. SCF knows that employment is a key factor in preventing offender recidivism.

SCF has approached the Smitty City Chamber of Commerce (SCCC) to help them. The SCCC solicited bids from private companies who are interested in low-cost inmate labor. Jailbird Enterprises has won the bid and will pay the correctional facility a sizeable fee to establish a manufacturing base within the correctional facility. Jailbird Enterprises specializes in making rubber bands. Other companies that lost the bid specialized in training bookkeepers, travel agents, and software developers.

Write an analysis document analyzing the case.
What are the problems with the interagency arrangement in the case provided? Explain, in relation to this case scenario, when an organization should seek and when it should avoid interagency cooperation.
Will this collaborative effort with Jailbird Enterprises threaten SCF's goal?
Make certain that you support your analysis with proper reasoning and research data. Use structured text like bolding, headings, bulleted lists, and charts/tables where appropriate to increase the clarity of your communication.

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I have supplied you with some ideas to work from. I also included some references that will help you further develop a focus if your choice is different.

Write an analysis document analyzing the case.
The goal statement and the objective statement are both adequate. The objective should have been a little more detailed, so the Chamber could have crafted a better bid request. Understanding what jobs were required in the economy will help bring the project to success. With limited skills inmates have limits to their ability to apply for work. With skills that are unmarketable, they are going to have even more problems.
The skills learned offered by the other companies not chosen, seem to be more marketable in the current technology and service environment of the job market. Manufacturing is found offshore. In the current economy, training working with computer related jobs, learning to write computer programs, working with software, building skills that are relevant should have been ...

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This solution provides a review of the case study of a correction facility plan to train inmates with marketable skills.

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