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Mission Statement

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Could you help me form a Mission statement for a prison facility that I am creating for a project?

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I have found various mission statements for different prisons located in the United States. I have included some of them below - I would use them as a guideline for developing your mission statement.

Mission Statement
The Chester County Prison under the direction of Warden McFadden and the Prison Board is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for those incarcerated in Chester County. The Prison Staff is committed to working with the entire Judicial Community to ensure the integrity of the system from the point of arrest through incarceration. All inmates are afforded the opportunity to participate in a vast array of rehabilitative treatment services to address their specific problem areas. The ultimate goal of the institution is to maintain the inmate population in the most humane secure manner possible and release the individual ...

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How to write and format a mission statement, particularly for prisons.

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