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Mission Statement Analysis

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Share your research findings on a company of your choice. Include the company's mission statement and its congruence with your perspective on what constitutes a good mission statement. What changes would you recommend if you feel that the company's mission statement lacks direction?

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First and foremost, it is important to note that Whataburger's mission statement is difficult to find online. The fact that the company's mission statement is not easily accessible online is very problematic. My viewpoints regarding mission statements align with the various theorists/ researchers who have outlined the components associated with successful mission statements. According Smith (2013), there are five criterion associated with successful mission statements, which include informative, simple, memorable, achievable, and able encourage employee buy-in. Organizations that have successful mission statements include Aflac, the Dow Chemical Group, IBM, NWA, and many more (Mission Statements, 2013). Whataburger did not make the list of organizations that possess a strong mission statement.

Anyone who has been to Whataburger knows that they ...

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The purpose of this solution is to provide an analysis of an organization's mission statement regarding the mission statement's content, value of mission statement, recommendations for improvement, etc. The organization being examined is Whataburger; however, the information in this solution can be applied to all organizational mission statements.

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