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    Introduction and Mission Statement

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    I need your help writing the introduction and a Mission statement. I have never written an Introduction or a Mission statement, so can you help me with this?

    I have a six-paper report already written and the business we selected is a farm and ranch. And we will raise cattle and foodstuffs to supply our authentic "Taste of Mexico" chain of restaurants that are located throughout the USA and Mexico.

    We will go with no chemicals enhancements/hormones in our beef and vegetables and fruits.

    We will also try to spin this and sell to the natural type of grocery stores, like Trader Joe's, etc.

    Specifically, this paper is about selected a country and product/service on which to focus on cumulative Global Business Plan. The deliveries for this project include the following:

    1.) Introduction
    2.) Mission statement
    3.) Regional analysis
    a.) Brief political and economic history
    b.) Regional alliances
    4.) Country analysis
    a.) Political
    b.) Economic
    c.) Cultural

    I hope this makes sense and that you can help me with the INTRODUCTION AND MISSION STATEMENT.

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    Please see response attached (also presented below), as well as a sample business plan and the 'how to' of a mission statement. I hope this helps and take care.


    First let's look at what purpose and an example of a mission statement and the introduction play in the overall scheme of things.

    Mission Statement -

    Example of a Mission Statement: A classroom mission statement translates customer requirements into a statement of what the classroom is going to do, for whom and how it will be done. The process of missioning brings key stakeholders of the classroom together to articulate a clear and focused statement of purpose. Following is an example of one classroom's mission statement:

    The mission of our classroom is to ...

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    This solution explains the introduction and mission statement of the case scenario. Supplemented with an excellent illustrative sample and another supporting article.