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    YUM! Brand Inc

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    I need help on putting together a sample Marketing Plan. The topic is to pick a product from an existing organization. The topic in mine is YUM! Brand, Inc. They have many restaurants under their belt. The one thing that I am looking at is A&W All American Food. The product is a healthy nut drink and it could be a strawberry or chocolate shake but still a healthy strawberry drink.

    1. Organizational overview
    a. Name of organization
    b. Mission statement - organization's basic values and philosophy
    c. Geographic location
    d. Product mix
    1) Single product
    2) Product line(s)
    2. New product description

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    //The given discussion paper is in the form of a sample of marketing plan. Prior to discuss various aspects of the marketing plan, I want to include the background of the Organization in the first section of the discussion paper. In this series, the introduction of the Company is given under the heading introduction. The overview of the Organization is also added in the same segment of the discussion: //


    This research paper is related to the development of marketing plan for a new product for A&W restaurants. The name of my product is healthy Strawberry drink. This organization has a good target market and segment. In the different types of geographical locations the company is running very successfully. This marketing plan would help us to understand about the main purpose behind the development of new product: healthy strawberry drink. By means of the following paper, I am to summarize the various parameters that are associated with the development of new product for a restaurant (Kotler, 2002).

    Organizational Overview

    Yum Brand Inc. Was founded in 1997 and the Headquarter of the company is situated in Louisville, Ky. In terms of the system restaurants, it is the world largest restaurant company. It operates more than 35000 restaurants in more than 110 countries and regions in all over the world. YUM! Brand, Inc. Has many restaurants under its belt and A&W restaurant is one of these, which is the longest running franchise chain in America (About ...

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