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Strategies to Support the Mission

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The Analysis of Mission and Vision Statements and the Company's Strategic Direction paper is an individual assignment that focuses on the analysis of the mission and vision statement and strategic direction of a fairly well known company.

Company - Office Depot

There are two parts to this assignment. Part 1 focuses on the mission statement of the selected organization. Part 2 focuses on the strategic direction of the selected organization.

Part 1:

Select an organization from the list above;
Research the organization's website and identify the mission statement and vision statement;

Research the challenges the organization is facing consider the objectives the organization has established for revitalization;
Evaluate the mission and vision statements to determine whether these statements align with the objectives of the organization (this requires research to identify new objectives);

Using the Characteristics of the Mission Statement website http://www.zainbooks.com/books/management/strategic-management_6_characteristics-of-a-mission-statement.html

o Create a three-column table in which you (1) list the salient characteristics of the mission statement; (2) identify those elements of the mission statement that comport with the characteristic from the article, and (3) provide any comments, recommendations, or criticism of the company's mission statement.

o The table should be no more than one page.

Part 2:

Students will identify strategies presented in this course that are currently being used by the company. The strategies should be identified and discussed at the corporate, business, and functional levels.

Required Elements to include in Strategic Analysis:

Identify strategies
Discuss strategies used at the corporate, business and function levels using the concepts learned in the course.

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Solution Summary

The discussion focuses on how the organization's (Office Depot) mission relates to strategies developed at the corporate, business, and functional levels. Examples of strategies are provided.

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