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    Memo to CEO of Levi Jeans

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    Select a brand of product or a type of service that has a Web site featuring its company's mission and vision. Here are a few examples


    Levi Jeans: http://www.levistrauss.com/Company/ValuesAndVision.aspx

    Memo to the CEO summarizing the following items on this organization:

    o Describe how the supply chain supports the organization's vision, mission, and values.

    o Describe the relationship between supply chain management strategies and other functional strategies.

    o Organization's vision and mission

    Format the memo according to APA standards

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    //In the given case, Levis Jeans is selected as a company to describe its vision and mission. In the given paper, discussion will takes place on how the company's supply chain supports the vision, mission and values.//


    To: The CEO

    Date: 25th August 2010

    Subject: Levis Jeans Company

    From: XYZ

    The given memorandum will help in understanding the vision and mission of the Levis Jeans Company. The memorandum will help in analyzing that the supply chain of the company is supportable for the vision of the company or not. It will also provide better understanding about the relationship between strategies of supply chain and management's functional strategies. Levis Jeans is world's one of the biggest and famous brands in the field of manufacturing apparels. The company was established in 1852 by Bavarian immigrant in San Francisco. The first jeans were invented to provide it to the customers (Levis Strauss & Co, 2010).

    The aim of the company is to earn profits through the four core values. Four values set by the company are as follows:

    Empathy: The Company's aim is to fulfill the need and demands of the customer with the required products.

    Integrity: The social and ethical practices of the company do not affect the society and rights of the employees.

    Originality: The ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 869 words with reference