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Marketing analysis of Levi and its competitors in the jeans industry.

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Marketing analysis of Levi's competitors: Tommy Hilfiger, JNCO, VF Corporation, Gap, Calvin Klein, Diesel and Paris Blues.

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In an 850+ word solution, the response discusses the market for jeans and then compares specific brands to Levi.

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What can be made of the strength of the jeans wear brand? Jeans is a specific product because in this competitive market you cannot differentiate yourself by the quality of the jeans. The quality of a pair of jeans is standard and maintained by competitors in this strict market. What can lead some brands to success and others to failure is in their goal to increase their market share. We can imagine the differentiation is based on prices.

However, if you consider the range of prices of all the brand names, you will discover that they are very similar. Yet analysis shows a large spread for prices of each brand name, depending on the kind of jeans you want. In today's market it is difficult to compete with two or three different styles of jeans. Design becomes more and more important to stay trendy and in demand.

The key to success is probably to some extent in the style of the jeans, but more so in the ability of each brand name to associate a strong image to the consumer with this design. To compete in the jeans wear market, a battle for an image, an identity must occur.

Analysis of Levi's competitors

What can be made of the strength of the jeans wear brand? Jeans is a specific product because in this competitive market you ...

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