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Developing a Mission Statement

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Hi, I need assistance with the following question, I am not too sure how to approach it.
Question: Explain in detail the process of developing a mission statement. Explain why it is important as well.

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There are several steps an organization should follow when developing a mission statement.

Step 1: Select the team that will write the mission statement: This team should be composed of no more than three experienced individuals with different perspectives that the organization trusts to write a statement that will encompass the views and goals of the company as a whole.

Step 2: Specify the organization's core values: These should be specific statements that identify the organization's vision, plans, actions and expected outcomes which will be used as the foundation for the mission statement.

Step 3: Review the organization's underlying ...

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This solution includes the six step process used by organizations when developing their mission statement along with an explanation as to why a mission statement is important for an organization. The solution contains 420 words of text.