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    This posting addresses effective mission statements.

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    A mission statement provides a declaration as to why an organization exists and defines the business the organization is currently in. Mission statements concentrate on the present and are a reflection of an organizations core competencies. Ideally, the Mission statement becomes necessary prior to the inception of the company. However, most small businesses do not have a mission statement until the business starts to get bigger, and therefore becomes more and more difficult to manage. It is at this stage that most small business start to realize that a well defined mission is necessary.

    So how big does a business need to get for it to need a mission statement? Is it when the business expands to a second location, or a third location? When a layer of management gets added between the owner and the front-line employees?

    What do you think makes a mission or vision statement effective? Can you provide an example of a mission or vision statement that meets those criteria?

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    A company's mission statement serves so many different purposes, that it really is integral in every business, regardless of size. A business should not grow beyond one person without a clearly defined mission statement. Small, medium, and large businesses should all have mission statements, including businesses that ...

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    The solution provides a discussion on a company's mission statement, including the criteria that makes a mission statement effective. An example of an effective mission statement is also provided.