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Police Organizations - Mission Statements

You are the chief of the Anytown Police Department. A newly-elected city council requests a mission statement from the police department. Address the following questions in your response:

What are the key elements of a mission statement?
Why are mission statements important?
Do mission statements really serve a purpose?
Should the community have input into the creation of the mission statement?
What does it say about an agency if the mission statement of that agency changes from one chief to the next?

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What are the key elements of a mission statement?

Mission statements must display the vision of the leader while also fostering passion and organizational commitment on behalf of employees. The statement must definitively outline the direction of the organization detailing to employees where the leader intends for the organization to go and how it plans on getting there. If a mission statement is effective, those responsible for implementing the mission will have clear and concise understanding of what is desired of them to ensure that the ...

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Police organizations for mission statements are examined. The expert determines why mission statements are important are determined.