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Sir Robert Peel: Police History

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1. What impact did Sir Robert Peel have on American policing.
2. What was the relationship between the U.S. government and the policing organizations throughout the U.S.
3. How has this relationship affected police practices.

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This solution discusses the influence that the Sir Robert Peel's policing principles have had on Policing in the United States. Additionally, the solution explains the relationship between the U.S. government and the Federal and state policing organizations and how this relationship has affected policing practices.

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Police History

1. What impact did Sir Robert Peel have on American policing?
Sir Robert Peel was the home secretary and founder of the Metropolitan Police. He introduced a number of reforms to the British criminal law. He made changes to the penal code system resulting in fewer crimes. Peel believed that the prevention of crime can be done without intruding into the lives of citizens (Larrabee, 2007). Based upon this theory, Peel developed the nine principles of policing known as "The Peelian Principles." These principles are directly connected to policing in the world today, not just in British policing. The nine principles serve as the basic foundation for law enforcement organizations and community policy in the world (Nazemi, 2012). So for the American policing, Sir Robert Peel's principles has helped in the basic mission of police organizations which is crime prevention and law enforcement. One of the most familiar missions in American policing is to "protect and serve." This is reflected in Peelian Principle 1 which ...

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