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Comparing London's Metropolitan Police with LA Dept of today

In 1829, Sir Robert Peel organized the Metropolitan Police in London, England; it was the first organized police agency of its kind. It was established along a military style command paradigm.

Use the Library resources to research the Metro Police Department and the history behind its development. Compare and contrast the agency with the current law enforcement structure of the Los Angeles Police Department. Is the rank structure similar? Is the chain of command identical, or has it evolved over the years? Are there differences in the approach to management?

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When the Industrial Revolution occurred, it caused a surge in the population of English cities. The people were mostly uneducated and were untrained. Unemployment, poverty and crime soon caused chaos to follow. There were private and special police forces serving particular interest groups and merchant police were hired by shopkeepers, churches and the harbor and shipping industry on the Thames. This was a haphazard system without any organization and served only a particular population. (Thibault, Lynch & McBride, 2004)
Sir Robert Peel was then home secretary and it was necessary for him ...

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The Metropolitan Police Act of 1829 resulted in a semi-military government-controlled professional police department in London, England. It was passed under the intense lobbying of Sir Robert Peel, home secretary at the time. This department is compared with the present department of the Los Angeles Police in structure.