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    Jack London and Literary Canon

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    This posting investigates the inclusion of Jack London in the literary canon. It specifically presents evidence to support why London should be placed within this literary rank.

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    As you examine London's placement in the literary canon, you might want to consider these elements:

    a. Implement a catchy, creative title to gain the reader's attention. Something like "Jack in the Box: The Canonization of Jack London" provides a fun example. :)

    b. Create a concrete thesis. I like how you talked about referring to London's opposition. You might want to work with something like this... "Although many literary critics deem London as merely a literary profiteer, London's philosophical implications, profound literary merit, and his timeless works, warrant equitable placement in the literary canon." Notice how I've presented three solid subtopics for you to explore within the body of the paper.

    c. Discuss why and how his philosophical theories within his texts warrant literary canonization. For example, focus on London's use of Social Darwinism, Nietzsche ideologies, Marxist views, etc. Use quotes from both critical theorists and/or textual evidence to validate your stance. If ...