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Jack the Ripper and his Motives

You have heard that there is a serial rapist in London that is known as the "Ripper Copycat." You found out that a colleague of yours from London is on the investigation team for this serial rapist. Your colleague has emailed you and asked if you were familiar with Jack the Ripper, and if so, do you have any information on the following:

---Was the Ripper motivated by sexual sadism?
---Why was the Ripper targeting prostitutes?
---What were the Ripper's signature behavior(s)?
---Why did the Ripper stop?

Can you just give me an idea about each point?

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Jack the Ripper was an individual who found pleasure in targeting and murdering prostitutes. His method for killing them was normally very gruesome, as he would first slit their throat and then mutilate their bodies, and then he would remove the internal organs. Those were the ripper's signature ...

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Understanding human abnormal behavior entailsin depth analyzation of the individual's character. This solution focuses on Jack the Ripper and his odd obsession with prostitutes.