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    Asset Forfeiture, Budget Cuts & Impact on Policing

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    Governmental budgets are routinely cut in order to balance them. In doing so, drug enforcement often does not receive the funding needed to combat drug activity. Because of this, agencies rely heavily on asset forfeiture. Do you think this reasoning causes officers to lose their objectivity? Support your answer. At least 200 words

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    1. On funding cuts - 100 words
    2. Impact on police performance - 100 words

    This should give you the 200 words that you need. You can use the listed resources to further explore the topic. All the best with your studies.

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    Funding Cuts

    Like any other government body, police forces and law enforcement organizations are subject to budget cuts due to the economic situation facing the country or due to changes in certain policies. The Farlex Financial Dictionary (2012) explains funding cuts as follows, "A reduction in the amount a department within a company or government ...

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