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Identifying Evidence-based Policing

Identify two examples of where evidence-based policing has been utilized and what was the impact of using this strategy.

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The foundation of any criminal trial lies within the quality and the amount evidence collected during the investigation. The evidence presented during trial paints a picture for the jury at hand to gain a better understanding of how the crime was committed and what connects the defendant to the crime in question. In a sense, the evidence itself is on trial in that the defense will take any and every opportunity to question the collection, handling, and testing of the evidence to ensure it meets all Federal Rules of Evidence. In saying this, law enforcement agencies around the nation are utilizing evidence based policing in their strategic approach to fight crime. Below we'll identify two examples in where evidence based policing has been utilized and what the impact is of using this strategy.

As technology continues to grow, law enforcement continues to maintain pace by implementing ...

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The expert identifies two examples of where evidence-based policing has been utilized. The impact of using the strategy is determined.