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    Intelligence-led Policing

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    I need help with my Law Enforcement Paradigms assignment. I need to research the origins of intelligence-led policing and its relation to other policing paradigms. Gathering this background information positions you for further analysis of intelligence-led policing. The Law Enforcement Paradigm paper should:
    1. Describe the history of intelligence-led policing.
    2. Describe the policing paradigms of community policing, problem-oriented policing, and COMPSTAT in regard to how they have informed intelligence-led policing.
    3. Compare and contrast the policing paradigms of community policing, problem-oriented policing, and COMPSTAT with the intelligence-led policing paradigm.

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    1. Quintessentially, the history of intelligence-led policing lies within the creation of new strategies toward fighting crime that emerged in contrast to the traditional form of policing, which was responding to incidents once they occurred. With the creation of community policing and problem oriented policing, police agencies began attempting to address crime before it occurred in an attempt to prevent crime from happening by gathering intelligence in high crime neighborhoods either through the use of citizens or through tools such as crime mapping. The Philosophical Foundation of intelligence-led policing can be found in these two policing strategies wherein police began to attempt to gain intel on known suspects, known criminals, and hotspots by gathering intelligence that would enable police to anticipate crime before it occurred and cultivate ...

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    This detailed 500 word solution outlines the law enforcement paradigms by exploring the history of intelligence-led policing and describing and contrasting policy paradigms.