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Philosophy of Community Policing

-Discuss an overview of the philosophy of community policing, specifically addressing how effective community policing is in improving police-community relations.
-Describe persuasive evidences of community policing being effective in controlling crime.
-List types of patrols used, other than automobiles, to enhance visibility in the community.
-Identify and describe organizational changes required in law enforcement agencies to be able to implement community policing.
-Identify ways in which officers can be empowered to attempt nontraditional approaches to problem solving.
-Identify ways by which accountability, customer satisfaction, and citizen participation can be implemented for effective community policing.
-Describe evidences concerning the use of community policing as being effective in maintaining good community-police relations

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The philosophy of community policing is a philosophy that supports the belief that policing is more effective when there is teamwork between the community and police agencies. Community policing is effective in improving police community relations, due to the fact that the coordinated efforts in fighting crime will lead to cohesiveness and mutual respect between the police and the community. Persuasive evidence of community policing being effective in controlling crime, is the example of the anti-gang effort during the early 1990s in Los ...