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Innovations in 21st-Century Police Forces

The ideal police force is one that prevents crime, keeps order, respects the rights and dignity of citizens, is friendly and courteous, respects the laws, and does not abuse its power through corruption. Throughout the world there have been increasing efforts to improve police practices through the implementation of democratic policing.

Assuming the statement above is correct, what are some of the ways you think policing will change in the 21st century? (40%)

What other ways will help the police to develop and deal with these changes? (40%)

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I think that one of the primary ways that policing would change in the 21st century, is that police throughout the world will engage in proactive practices by which to focus on the prevention of crime, instead of the reactive practice of apprehending suspects after the commission of a crime or crimes. I think that most police agencies around the world will engage in intensive efforts by which to improve their intelligence capacities, so that they can monitor high crime areas more closely, as well as monitor crime organizations much more closely, so that they can gain the necessary information by which to prevent these organizations and other criminals within high crime areas from conducting planned criminal activities. One of the primary ways that policing agencies will be able to accomplish this, is by arresting these individuals for conspiracy, which will be a means of getting these individuals off the streets before they have had the chance to carry out their detrimental criminal acts in society. Proactive policing is much more efficient and effective ...