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    utilizing evidence-based practice in the justice system

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    Can our society adjust to the use of Evidence Base Practice (EBP) as a foundation for decision making by the actors within the criminal justice system? Or is this just a "fad"?
    Can a country like the United States, which has more of its population incarcerated than any other nation, feel comfortable and safe incarcerating fewer people and instead using EBP to cater to the needs of specific inmates? Can society take that risk?
    Can law enforcement rethink policing and police based on evidence and not tradition?
    Can courts view "justice" with an evidence-based foundation?

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    I think that society can definitely adjust to the use of evidence-based practice as a foundation for decision-making by the actors within the criminal justice system. This is not just a fad, largely due to the fact that it is becoming abundantly clear to decision makers within the criminal justice system that evidence-based practice statistically increases the probability of criminal justice organizations being able to achieve ...

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    This solution describes the importance of utilizing evidence-based practice in the justice system.