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    Juvenile Justice Front-End Programs

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    Some juvenile professionals and authorities argue that providing more front-end programs would be beneficial, while, on the other hand, some argue that programs should be devised and implemented only after a problem becomes apparent. Do you agree that front-end programs are beneficial or should programs be developed only after a problem has been identified? Support your position with examples and references.

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    The position that should be taken is that more front-end programs must be provided for juvenile justice. This is because these programs are effective in preventing juveniles from ever entering the criminal justice system by diverting them out of the system through diversionary programs. Hence, this will prevent the labelling of juveniles as criminals, which leads to stigmatization and has been proven to have disastrous consequences for their adult lives. A ...

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    The solution looks at benefits and disadvantages of front-end programs and discusses if they should be developed only after a problem has been identified.