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Law and Politics

Law and politics, or political law, focuses on the legal area where law and politics meet. It encompasses election law, voting rights law, campaign finance law, lobbying, ethics, administrative procedures, constitutional law and several other areas. Political law is generally applied to government officials, candidates, advocacy groups, lobbyists, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and trade unions.1

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In the United States, there are several groups overseeing the enforcement of political law. The Federal Election Commission enforces campaign finance law at the federal level, and the Department of Justice’s Public Integrity Section oversees alleged criminal violations of numerous political laws. Each state also has administrative agencies to enforce political law for campaigns and ethics.

In Canada, the Canada Elections Act covers the laws associated with the election of members of parliament to the Canadian House of Commons, limits spending on election advertising by interest groups, and sets out provisions regarding publications and broadcasting of election advertising and results. 2




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