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    Law and Politics

    Better Policing Equipment

    You are a recently promoted police chief in a medium-sized town with a rather modest budget for law enforcement equipment. One of your primary goals is to seek an increase in the budget for those technological items that you feel would help your department's officers perform their jobs in a more efficient, safe manner. In your r

    The interaction between politics and criminal justice policy development

    What resources are associated with criminal justice policy development? How do these resources impact the development of criminal justice policy development? How can we improve the relationship between fiscal resources and the development/implementation of criminal justice policy? What are your recommendations?

    Policy Analysis - Law

    350 word comparative analysis of the evolution of criminal justice policy over the last 50 years for corrections and identify the various opportunities for cooperation between elements of the criminal justice system in the implementation of criminal justice policy?

    Use of Force Policy

    Describe Use of Force with law enforcement define the policy. What are the pros and cons? ·

    Public Policy Foundations and Views in Criminal Justice

    What is a legislatively based policy? What is an administrative regulatory policy? How do these various policies impact the criminal justice system? Compare and contrast the criteria for these two policy types and their impact within the criminal justice system. Explain your answer.

    Problems in the Criminal Division of a Court

    Please help with the following problem: You are the administrator for a court with 50 employees. This court, which used to dispose of about 700 cases per month, now here s an average of 100 criminal and 400 civil cases per month. Case filings have doubled in the past 7 years. What specific problems could arise in the crim

    The Advantages of the Privatization of Prisons

    The cost and political headache of the correctional system in the United States have conduced government leaders to entertain the idea of privatizing the correctional system. The benefits that are cited for this type of move are as follows: financial savings for state and local governments, ability to provide more police officer

    Organizational Behavior in Criminal Justice Administrations

    How do you think criminal justice administrations will be affected by changes in the work environment related to labor shortages, the concept of temporariness, managing workforce diversity, and helping employees balance work or life conflicts?

    Titanium Office Products Gender Discrimination

    Titanium Office Products has had a record breaking year in terms of sales and revenue. It decides to reward its top sales representatives. Fourteen of the top reps are men and 7 are women. Titanium gives each of the reps an overnight stay at a top luxury hotel. In addition, the company pays for each of the men to play a round of

    Lobbying and Bribery

    Lobbying is defined as "the act of trying to directly shape or influence a government official's understanding and position on a public policy issue." (Post, Business and Society 7th ed.) What is the difference between lobbying and bribery? Whether bribery should be considered unethical or illegal has been debated extensively