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    Applying Psychological Theories to Criminal Justice/Security

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    How do each of these theories apply to working in the criminal justice and security?
    - two-factory theory
    - self-determination theory
    - cognitive-evaluation theory
    - goal-setting theory
    - self efficacy theory

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    Two-factory theory -

    This theory is associated with criminal justice and security through the fact that emotions and how one interacts with the physical arousal brought forth through emotions plays an immense impact on criminal behavior. Many crimes are crimes of passion wherein the person is in an emotional state that causes them to engage in crimes that they otherwise wouldn't have engaged in if not for their emotional state of mind. In the same senses, those who are potential victims of criminal behavior also experience physical arousal and cognitive emotions when confronted with potential victimization. Identifying the arousal associated with criminals and victims is the purpose of ...

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    The solution gives 409 words to explain how the two-factor, self-determination, cognitive evaluation, goal-setting and self-efficacy theories relate to working in criminal justice and security.